Downloads of our white papers and published articles using our antibodies are available. The resources in this section provide an overview of the range of our capabilities, especially in dealing with traditional difficult targets such as anti-idiotype targets, GPCRs, and more. If you have a difficult target, we would love to help!

Research Articles:

“Antibodies to human serum amyloid P component eliminate visceral amyloid deposits” (White Paper | Original Article)

Informational Flyers:

White Papers:

Antibodies to Anti-idiotypic Targets

  • Anti-idiotypic antibodies with neutralizing function (Download)
  • Anti-idiotypic antibodies with high affinity and specificity (Download)

Antibodies to GPCR

  • Anti-GPCR antibodies screened via Flow Cytometry (Download)

Custom Assay Development Capabilities

  • Sandwich ELISA development for a diagnostic application (Download)