At Abpro, we develop antibodies that work in our customers’ hands.  Our team of experts will collaborate with you to design an antigen, immunization strategy, and screening workflow to meet your needs. We  produce antibodies that work in your end application, whether it be routine screening, PK/PD studies, immunohistochemistry, western blot, flow cytometry or custom functional assays.

Abpro offers a comprehensive suite of antibody services, from gene synthesis to assay development.  We have a broad range options available to meet all of your antibody needs.

Monoclonal Antibody Development

Abpro offers both high speed and traditional monoclonal antibody development programs.  Abpro’s proprietary High Throughput Protocol™ (HTP™) generates premium antibodies in just TWO MONTHS. The HTP™ platform routinely finds success in producing antibodies to targets where others have failed.

Polyclonal Antibody Development

Abpro has experience developing polyclonal antibodies in a variety of species including rabbit, monkey, horse, sheep.  To learn more about our capabilities please click here.

Antigen Design

Abpro uses proprietary Pepro™ software to design peptides to develop antibodies that recognize proteins in their native form.  We have successfully designed antigens and produced antibodies that recognize a single amino acid difference.

About Us
Abpro is a Massachusetts based biotechnology company. We are pioneers of industrial biochemistry and our mission is to bring innovation to the life sciences industry and ultimately improve living health. Through technology and automation, our DiversImmune™ discovery platform has streamlined all aspects of the process to deliver antibodies at industry leading speeds against previously difficult targets. Our products and discovery services are used by leading academic labs and companies around the world for research purposes, such as diagnostics and therapeutics.