Protein Production

We are experts in custom protein expression. Abpro can deliver all your protein needs from accession number through expression and purification (and antibody development). Our proteins are of the highest quality with industry leading quality control procedures performed throughout the production process.

All of our proteins are produced using a versatile baculovirus-based system that allows us to express proteins in both major eukaryotic cell types: mammalian (HEK293) and insect (SF9 or HI5). Using the baculovirus system allows Abpro to efficiently express your target proteins with high levels of expression. The proteins that we produce are HIS tagged (with a cleavage option). Our proteins are primarily used as antigens in our antibody development platform, but the protein expression platform can also be utilized as a stand-alone, fee-for-service offering.

Advantages of Abpro’s baculovirus system

  • Ability to express proteins in mammalian and insect systems using the same baculovirus
  • Higher protein yields than transient or stable cell line expression
  • Preservation of native conformation and post-translatioanl modifications
  • Can be easily and rapidly scaled up for larger quantities

Why come to Abpro for protein expression?

  • Expertise – Our team has decades of high-throughput protein expression experience, as well as the publication history to prove it.
  • Technology – Abpro’s protein expression technology includes patented and proprietary technologies at multiple stages.
  • State-of-the-art equipment – Significant investment in automation at every stage in protein expression allows Abpro to achieve the highest quality deliverables.
  • Customer service – Every customer has a dedicated account representative who is available to answer questions by phone and e-mail.  Our customers are also provided access to an online portal to view project status and review data in real-time.

Quality Control Available:

  • Purity
    • SDS- Page
    • Capillary Electrophoresis (Caliper)
    • Target: >95%
  • Concentration
    • Target: > 1mg/ml
  • Aggregation
    • Dynamic Light Scattering
    • Target : <25% aggregation
  • Identity
    • Mass spec (LCMS)
  • Activity assays

How to get started:

  • Contact our customer support staff to initiate the quote development processes
  • Before getting started on any project, our experienced technical staff will review the protein target to identify any potential problems in expression.
  • If necessary or requested, a call or meeting will be scheduled with our team to discuss technical issues.
  • The paperwork is finalized and protein production begins!