Antibody Technology

We specialize in the production of high quality antibodies at industry-leading speeds.  Our HTP™ platform allows for product delivery in just 2-3 months, saving our customers time and money.  We utilize a genetically engineered mouse, parallel automated processes and proprietary technology to consistently outperform the market.

Abpro’s HTP™ Platform

  • High speed
  • High affinity
  • Broad epitope diversity
  • Proven track record
  • Ability to make antibodies to difficult targets

What is the HTP™ Platform?
The HTP™ Platform is Abpro’s proprietary high-speed murine hybridoma production platform. The HTP™ Platform generates hybridomas in 40 days and delivers monoclonal cell lines specific to your antigen in 40-60 days.  The HTP™ Platform is also capable of generating antibodies to targets that are traditionally difficult such as anti-idiotype and high homology targets.

How Does the HTP™ Platform Work?
At the core of the HTP™ Platform is our proprietary mouse.  Abpro’s HTP™ mouse has a boosted immune system which displays a broader epitope spread than any other strain of mouse.  The HTP™ mouse, combined with our optimized protocols, experienced scientists, and state-of-the-art lab equipment, allows Abpro to make highly specific and functional antibodies in less than half the time of conventional methods.

How Was the HTP™ Platform Developed?
Abpro’s founders examined the research environment and identified a bottleneck caused by a lack of quality reagents, specifically antibodies.  Because the classic antibody production process relies heavily on the immune system of a mouse to develop B-cells specific to the antigen, they set out to engineer a mouse that would optimize the monoclonal antibody development process.  They were successful; we call their breakthrough the ‘HTP™ Mouse’.

What Types of Projects are Best for the HTP™ Platform?
We recommend the HTP™ Platform to develop anything from therapeutic candidates to reagent antibodies.   Any time a quality antibody needs to be made right the first time, use the HTP™ platform.

About Us
Abpro is a Massachusetts based biotechnology company. We are pioneers of industrial biochemistry and our mission is to bring innovation to the life sciences industry and ultimately improve living health. Through technology and automation, our DiversImmune™ discovery platform has streamlined all aspects of the process to deliver antibodies at industry leading speeds against previously difficult targets. Our products and discovery services are used by leading academic labs and companies around the world for research purposes, such as diagnostics and therapeutics.